Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool

Aaah, Doug Stanhope. One of our favorites here, not just for his words, but for his actions.


We can’t exactly play along on his latest adventure. That would be cheating. We already know who’s on the death list for 2013. Our architects, contractors, and the entire Eternal Torment Department are always very busy readying wretched spaces and hellish tortures for those on the highway to here. How could we give each damned soul their personal, precise, fitted version of Hell if we don’t know their arrival date?

That doesn’t mean YOU can’t play, though. Click here for all the details.

Truly, It Must Suck

You’ve got some people who love you, some people who fear you, and some people who don’t even think you exist… nobody calls you by the same fuckin’ name… some people think you have multiple personalities and refer to different things you do by different names. Sometimes, people get so crazy that they start killing each other in your name, neither side realizing that the other guys are really following the same entity.

From a blog post, “It Must Suck to be God” by M. Brode.